• Below you will find a map to help you navigate the Jefferson City High School campus when the gymnasium is the contest location.

    Renovation at JCHS has begun and visitors who have, in the past, parked in certain parking lots (Nichols Career Center lot or stadium lot) or Union Street will especially want to take note of the map.

    As part of Phase II of renovations, the Jefferson City High School Main Entrance (previously located between JCHS and the Nichols Career Center on Jay Drive) was relocated on Monday, October 22nd. This closing is due to work on the soon to be enclosed connector between Jefferson City High School and Nichols Career Center.
    The new JCHS Main Entrance, along with ADA accessibility, will be located at the northwest corner of the high school building (at the corner of Jayette & Jay Drives). The JCHS entrance will remain in this location throughout the duration of the project.

    Recommended parking for fans is on the NORTH side of JCHS (NORTH side is bottom right-hand corner of the picture below), designated by the following symbols, on the provided map.   

    Parking Symbo

    Please enter this parking lot from Lafayette Street.

    Once parked in one of the NORTH lots, please proceed south.  You will see the newly built ADA accessible decking located adjacent to the loading dock. This area is marked as shown on the map with the yellow star. This path to the gymnasium is ADA accessible, but will not be as convenient as in the past.

    As we transition into Phase III, the stairs at the corner of Union and Lafayette will be closed off for the remainder of the school year.  For events that may be large, you may park in the Stadium lot, Union Street (adjacent to the Stadium lot) or Lafayette Street.  Three parking symbols are located on the map below for the Stadium lot. There is a path to an located near the Little Theatre. This entrance is also marked by a yellow star on the map below. Note, the NORTH lot provides more convenient and ADA accessibility to the gymnasium.


    Please do NOT park in the Nichols Career Center lot as enclosed construction fencing will impede your path to the gymnasium.


    BUS DROPOFF/PICKUP AND PARKING – Recommended bus parking is in any of the three locations listed below:

    • Corner lot of Franklin and Lafayette Street (marked with the parking symbol, lower right corner of map)
    • Lafayette Street (adjacent to Jefferson City High School)
    • Adkins Stadium parking lot

    Please note: Due to construction fencing at the corner of on Jay and Jayette Drive, dropping off athletes near the main entrance is difficult. Making a right-hand turn from Jayette Drive to Jay Drive for busses is difficult but not impossible. It is advised to drop off at the corner of Lafayette and Jay Drive (bus symbol on map) and then walk along the sidewalk to the main entrance.


     Phase III Construction Map


    The following image is provided in order for anyone attending an athletic event to know the street names surrounding JCHS.


    Street Names Map - JCHS


    Under Construction - Thank You For Your Patience