Jefferson City Public Schools

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School Social Workers
The JCPS School Social Workers work cooperatively with children, families, teachers and community partners. Their primary focus is to support student learning by assisting district families and children. School-based social services have been proven to improve attendance and increase student achievement.
Mindie Friederich
School Social Worker
Mindie Friederich serves students who attend the following schools:
  • Callaway Hills Elementary
  • North Elementary
  • Pioneer Trail Elementary
  • South Elementary
  • West Elementary
Pam Gentry
School Social Worker
Pam Gentry serves students who attend the following schools:
  • Belair Elementary
  • Cedar Hill Elementary
  • Moreau Heights Elementary
  • Thorpe Gordon Elementary
  • Lawson Elementary
More Information
School Social Workers provide resource information and referrals to families who have specific needs for services, such as:
  • Health care
  • Counseling
  • Emergency assistance
  • District programs
  • Other services and resources to help families reach their goals
Look to School Social Workers for these and many other services:
  • Parenting support
  • Family and student mentoring
  • Support groups for students
  • Home visits
  • Crisis intervention
  • Community Resources
  • Life skills development for families
  • Behavior support
  • Educational support and collaboration 
  • Family involvement activities
  • Attendance intervention
  • Child and family advocacy