• Please contact our attendance secretaries if your student is going to be absent, arrive late or leave early from school.  

    Phone: 659-3060 or 659-3050
    New Automated Attendance Call Feature
    Beginning January 5, 2016, we will be implementing a new automated attendance call feature for students in grades 9-12. The calls will come from the same notification system JCPS currently uses, and therefore from the same phone number.

    Here’s how the feature works:
    • If your student is marked absent when attendance is taken at the start of 1st period/block, and you as his/her parent has not already notified the school attendance desk, a call will be placed at 9:20am to the primary cell phone on record for your student. That call will tell you that your child has not shown up for class that morning. You will then be instructed to contact the attendance desk and clear the absence.
    • If your student’s absence has not been cleared by the end of the school day, another automated call will be made at 7:05pm to that same cell phone number. This call will detail the specific periods/blocks for which your student was absent. You will once again be instructed to contact the attendance desk and clear the absence.

    We hope this change will do two things:
       1. Improve student attendance at Simonsen and JCHS, and
       2. Allow office staff in these buildings to use their time resources more effectively and efficiently.

    If you have questions about this new procedure, please contact the JCHS Attendance Desk at 659-3060 or by email at attendance.jchs@jcschools.us. Feel free to also use this new email address to excuse your child's absences.

    If you want to make sure the primary cell phone number on your student’s profile is correct, please call the Counseling office at JCHS at 659-3070. And if you would like an additional guardian’s cell phone to receive these attendance calls, please call the School-Community Relations Office at 659-3018.