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    Transportation Contractor: First Student
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  • In order to provide a safe and efficient school transportation program for all students, the following rules shall be observed.  These rules are posted on all buses:



               1.       Follow the Driver’s Instructions

               2.       No Eating or Drinking

               3.       No Drugs or Alcohol

               4.       No Obscene Language or Lewd Comments to Others

               5.       No Loud Noise

               6.       Remain Seated Properly

               7.       No Throwing Objects (inside the bus or out of the bus windows)

               8.       No Fighting or Horseplay

               9.       No Loitering

            10.       No Vandalism



               1.       Verbal Warning

               2.       Assigned Seat

               3.       Written Conduct Report  (Bus Ticket)

    a.   1st Bus Ticket – School official visits with student about misbehavior and gives verbal warning.  Copies of tickets are sent to school, parent, and Bus Company. Next ticket could result in time off the bus.

    b.   2nd Bus Ticket – Within 3 months or first offense deemed serious by school officials student will be visited with by School Official about their bus conduct.  Student can be denied bus transportation for 5 days up to a semester.

    c.   3rd Bus Ticket – Within 3 months of the second offense – School Official visits with student about misbehavior.  Student can be denied bus transportation for 10 days up to a maximum of the remainder of the school year.


    Driver may skip steps depending upon severity or repetition of violations.


    It is the intent of the school district to maintain a SAFE environment on the school bus for the benefit of the students, the motoring public and the driver.  The driver must focus his/her attention on SAFE driving with minimum distractions created by the students being transported.  To this end, video cameras will be used to aid drivers in monitoring student behavior on the bus.





    1.        Our buses have schedules to follow and cannot wait for riders.  Bus cannot double-back if you are late to the bus stop.  Please arrive at your bus stop at least 5 minutes prior to the assigned pick up time.

    2.           While waiting for the bus, be considerate of nearby homeowners’ property.

    3.        Keep all clothing, lunch boxes, musical instruments, books and book bags on or about you and don’t keep others from having a seat. Those articles should never be kept in the bus aisle.

    4.           Drivers are authorized to assign seats.

    5.          Only students who are eligible for transportation shall be permitted to ride the school bus.  If an emergency occurs, a note must be approved and signed by the building principal and given to the driver before students may be transported.



    1.   While riding the bus remember the driver is responsible for the safety of all the passengers.

    2.           Approach bus stops carefully.  Observe all traffic rules.

    3.           Always wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before getting on or off.

    4.           Never put arms or head outside the bus windows.

    5.           The emergency doors and windows are used only in an emergency.

    6.       When getting on or off the bus, do not cross the street until the driver signals that the street is clear and safe to cross. ALWAYS CROSS AT LEAST TEN (10) FEET IN FRONT OF THE BUS, NEVER CROSS BEHIND!