• Transportation Department
    Transportation Contractor: First Student
     Phone: 573-634-7645 Fax: 573-636-8197
    School District Contact 
    315 East Dunklin Street, Jefferson City, MO 65101
    Phone: 573-659-1190 or 573-659-3017
    Fax: 659-659-3031
  • 1) Q: I am buying a home in the area. Who can tell me the attendance area for my new property?
    A: Whenever a person is relocating in or into the Jefferson City area, it is important to always check with our Transportation office to verify exactly what school attendance area the property is in. Sometimes it can be a matter of what side of the street the property is on, or even the house number. Please contact (573) 659-3017 for the definitive answer.

    2) Q: I need to know what bus my child rides.

    A: Please contact First Student Transportation at (573) 634-7645.

    3) Q: What are the distances that a student must live from his school of attendance in order to qualify for school bus service?

    A: JCPS provides bus service to all Elementary & Secondary School students (Grades Kindergarten through 12th grade) whose primary residence is 1 mile or more from the school they attend.

    4) Q: How are distances from a student's residence to their school calculated to determine if they are eligible for bus service?

    A: The District uses a very powerful computerized routing & scheduling software package specifically designed for school transportation systems called Versatrans. This software uses satellite and GPS technology to accurately calculate the most direct driving distance from a residence to the school that the particular student attends.

    Once a student's address is entered into the system, Versatrans has the capability of locating a student anywhere in the District, calculating the distance from the home to the school, determining if the student is or is not eligible for bus service, and then automatically assigning the student to an existing bus route.