• From the stage

    With its perfect acoustics and close, intimate seating, the Miller Performing Arts Center is an ideal venue for concerts, lectures and theatrical performances.

    The Jefferson City Junior College had its debut "open house" on April 3, 1926, with construction costs of nearly $300,000. Originally, college courses were held on the third floor, while high school students in the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades occupied the first and second floors below. It was built on the site of the original residence of Dr. G. B. Winston, a member of the Board of Education in the 1870s.

    Since then, the Miller Performing Arts Center has served a number of educational purposes through the years, including as Jefferson City High School, Jefferson City Junior High School, and the Instructional Resource Center.

    The renovated Miller Performing Arts Center opened October 5, 2005. The $4.5 million renovation was funded strictly through private donations. The Miller Center is used for educational, community and professional arts programs. We have proudly hosted events ranging from school plays to rock concerts to a visit from the President of the United States!