The Miller Performing Arts Center would like to outline some basic principles of Theater and Concert Etiquette. We are glad to have you as guests at the Miller Center, and we want each of our guests to have a pleasant and memorable experience. Following these basic rules of theater and concert etiquette will allow everyone to have a pleasant event:

    • We list the curtain times for each event. It is important that you know your curtain time. If you arrive late, the ushers will let you in when there is a pause in the performance.
    • Be considerate of those around you. Do not talk or whisper and distract from those who are listening to the performance.
    • Make sure your cell phones, video games and personal audio players are turned off.
    • Please remember that refreshments are only allowed in the hallway and atrium. Food and drink are strictly prohibited in the auditorium and Railton Art Gallery.
    • If you must leave in the middle of a performance, please do so quietly and remember that the ushers will let you back in when there is a pause in the performance.
    • Please remember that the show doesn't end until the performers have taken their bows. It is very distracting to the audience and insulting to the performers when you leave before bows are taken.
    • Children may not be left unattended in the gallery or atrium areas. Also, children who are playing on the escalators will be asked to leave, along with their parents or guardians.