The electrics lowered



    Proscenium is 30' wide by 18' tall.

    Upstage wall is 27' upstage of plaster line, apron extends 17' 9 ¼" downstage of plaster line when orchestra pit filler is installed.

    Orchestra pit opening is 8' by 32', and is 9' deep. Pit extends beneath the stage lip by a few feet to accomodate more musicians and exit stairway. Stationary pit filler is removable upon request, and can accommodate the concert grand piano on top of it.

    There is an 8' obstruction (running upstage to downstage) immediately over stage left, and a 10' obstruction (running upstage to downstage) over the stage right wingspace.

    Linesets are located on stage right. Rigging is on 8" centers, mostly double-purchase. 6 battens are free without removing borders or legs; grand valance, act curtain, mid-stage traveler, up-stage traveler, and 3 electrics are non-removable. Battens travel from 4' at lowest trim to 33' 6" at highest trim. The loft is short; tall drops cannot fly all the way out, however, 17' drops work very well on our stage with proper drapery trimming.

    Seating capacity is 893 total (885 seats + 8 wheelchair): orchestra level seats 646 (638 seats + 8 wheelchair), balcony level seats 247.

    Please contact our management office for any of the following:

    • Stage layout
    • Lineset schedule
    • User's guide
    • Technical specification sheet on our lighting
    • Technical specification sheet on our sound system
    • Contract
    • Availabilty and Rental Fees