Phone & Text Alerts

    The Jefferson City School District provides phone and text alerts to all families and staff members through Blackboard's "Parent Link" notification system. The numbers for these calls and texts are taken from the district's databases.
    District phone calls will come from 877-552-0601; school phone calls come from the school's main phone number. Text messages appear from the following numbers:
    • Non-emergency: 606-80 (see screen shot to the right)
    • Emergency: 549-68

    Do you think you missed a call or text? Or you're not receiving any?

    Call 877-552-0601 to listen to any messages you've received in the last month. 

    FAMILIES: Please contact your child's school to ensure your phone number(s) are correctly entered into the district database. If your numbers are listed correctly, please call Communications at 573-659-3018 for troubleshooting assistance.

    STAFF: PLEASE log in to our SISFin employee portal, select "Submit Personal Info Changes," and review the "Current Personal Information" box. The "phone number" field is the number to receive phone calls; the "cell phone number" field is the number to receive text messages. If you want calls and texts to be delivered to the same number, please list it in both fields. Please email Lisa Maylee with SISFin questions.

    Receive a call by mistake?

    Phone numbers change, and sometimes our system is not updated as quickly or accurately as we would like. If you receive a JC Schools call and you do not have children in the schools or are not a staff member, call us at 573-659-3018 and we'll remove your number. Please make note of the details of the call (what phone number the call came from, date/time, and subject matter).

    *Please note that phone calls, email, and text messaging are only available to staff members and parents/guardians of JC Schools students. Please call the Communications Department at 659-3018 if you have any questions.