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Award Info

    In 2016, the Jefferson City School District Foundation received an amazing gift to support the JC Schools Teacher of the Year Program. Don and Linda Eisinger established the annual Eisinger Teacher of the Year and Eisinger Outstanding Educator awards. Because of Mrs. Eisinger’s passion for teaching and her love of children, the Eisingers established this gift to support these awards for 15 years. Mrs. Eisinger (pictured above), a long-time educator at North Elementary and West Elementary, was the 2004 JC Schools Teacher of the Year. She then went on to be the 2005 Missouri State Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Eisinger retired from JC Schools in 2011. For more information, call the JC Schools Foundation at 573-659-3549.

Past Teacher of the Year Award Recipients

    1970: Carl Burkel, JCHS**

    1992: Ann Lane, Southwest Elementary

    1993: Eva Studley, EER/Simonsen

    1994: Dennis Nickelson, JCHS*

    1995: Patty Morrow, Moreau Heights Elementary*

    1996: Mary Hill, JCHS

    1997: Saundra Allen, East Elementary

    1998: Barbara Martin, Belair Elementary

    1999: Gae Ellyn Gentzsch, Thomas Jefferson Middle School

    2000: Jennifer Milne, JCHS

    2001: Barb Kuebler, Lewis and Clark Middle School*

    2002: Steve Eubanks, JCHS

    2003: Christie Kittrell, Belair Elementary

    2004: Linda Eisinger, West Elementary**

    2005: Ellen Schmidt, Belair Elementary

    2006: Linda Heckman, JCHS

    2007: Suzanna Haugen, Lewis and Clark Middle School*

    2008: Mary Thorne, North Elementary

    2009: Peg Vietti, Thomas Jefferson Middle School

    2010: Don Gauzy, Lewis and Clark Middle School

    2011: Jeni DeFeo, Thomas Jefferson Middle School*

    2012: David Ganey, Jefferson City High School
    2013: Aaron Gillam, Jefferson City High School
    2014: Beth Dampf, Jefferson City High School
    2015: Jeff Luttrell, Lewis and Clark Middle School
    2016: Nikki Carel, Pioneer Trail Elementary 
    2017: Rhonda Allen, Thorpe Gordon Elementary
    2018: Jana Forck, Jefferson City High School
    2019: Regina Roe, Jefferson City High School
    2020:  Jacob Baker, Thomas Jefferson Middle School
    2021:  Adrianna Sanders, Jefferson City High School
    2022:  Todd Beaulieu, Capital City High School

    * = Missouri State Teacher of the Year Finalist

    ** = Missouri State Teacher of the Year