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    Voice Over IP (VOIP) Phone Quick Guides

    These guides are provided to staff members on the features and use of the Polycom VVX311 (classroom) and VVX411 (office, admin) phones, along with a network connection guide.  

    • *UPDATED 7/10/2020  Network/Phone Setup GuidePlease review if you are having difficulties with either power or connectivity, or if asked to reboot by a technician.
    • VVX311 (Classroom) Guide.
    • VVX411 (Central Office, School Admin) Guide.
    • *UPDATED 8/25/2020  Voicemail (Central Office, School Admin) Guide.
    • *UPDATED 6/3/2020  Web portal information (Central Office, School Admin) Complete Guide.  Please contact Technology Services if you would like log on privileges.
    • *NEW 6/3/2020  Web portal quick Guide.  This guide references common settings, including Voicemail to Email, Call Forwarding options, Disaster Recovery, etc.  

    Some quick info on the new phone system:

    • You must now dial all 7-digits when calling any phone within the District.
    • No need to dial a '9' to make out-of-District calls before dialing the rest of the phone number.
    • As these phones are leased, do NOT add 3rd-party devices, such as cord detanglers.
    • Classroom/workroom phones cannot be reached from the outside.  They can, however, receive calls from any in-District number.  These phones also do not have Voicemail capabilities.  The external caller ID will show up as the main building phone number, NOT the classroom phone number.
    • All phones are assigned to a classroom or position, not a staff member.  Do not move phones unless directed by Technology Services.
    • Be sure to review the Network/Phone Setup Guide noted above if you are having issues.  If it can't be resolved after going through the guide steps, contact your Media Specialist to have a Work Order turned in.
    • It is highly recommended that Office Staff request login information to the web portal in order to set up 'Disaster Recovery' numbers in case of network or phone failure.  This recovery number can be a cell phone, fax number that has a phone attached (see Maintenance for this), or any other number.  Technology Services cannot do this during outages; it is up to the building office staff member to set up this feature prior to any potential outages.  For more info regarding this feature, read page 3 of the Web Portal quick guide noted above.  The feature is called 'Call Forwarding Not Reachable'.  If you have questions, email rob.benefield@jcschools.us
    • Buildings and Grounds still handle fax lines and intercoms.  Please contact them if you have any questions regarding them.