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    The JC Schools Difference Maker Award is presented to staff and students who make a difference in their schools and our community; those individuals who go above and beyond to exemplify #JCStrongerTogether. Nominate a Staff Difference Maker here! Nominate a Student Difference Maker here!

    JC Schools will thank all Difference Makers nominated, and some, like those pictured below, will be recognized monthly at the JC Schools Board of Education meeting. We love to spotlight Difference Makers that are tied to each of our three organizational pillars: Learning, Partnerships and Stewardship. 



    Frank Underwood, Director of Facilities
    Submitted by Renee Anderson (East Elementary)
    Frank Underwood, Director of Facilities

    I am nominating Mr. Frank Underwood because he has gone above and beyond to support a safety concern in the classroom I work in. There was some serious water leakage around the windows in the classroom and Mr. Underwood explained results of testing that was done in the room. After the testing showed that there was no mold present, he went home that evening and researched the best way to protect the students and teachers using the classroom. 

    Mr. Underwood met with me early on a Saturday morning to explain what future work the district would do on the outside of the building and his plan to make my room safe in the meantime. Then, he worked all weekend, on his own time, to completely seal all the windows in the classroom!  He sealed all the wood with a primer; caulked and sealed the most damaged windows; painted all windows to seal them further; and framed and put up a huge set of boards to completely cover the most damaged windows. He then painted that large board. It was a tremendous amount of work and had to have taken 2 days in order for the first coat of primer and caulking to dry. He also replaced 2 sets of blinds. This was all done in one weekend. My students and I walked into a completely clean and safe classroom on Monday morning! 

    Mr. Underwood sacrificed his own time for an entire weekend to be sure that my health and the health of the students in the classroom was secure. This is true dedication to the safety of students and staff.  What an amazingly selfless employee Mr. Underwood is and JCSD should be very proud to have him working for us!

    Doug Jungmeyer, Behavior Interventionist (Moreau Heights)
    Submitted by Sue Haugen (Moreau Heights Principal)
    Doug Jungmeyer, Moreau Heights

    Doug works hard each day to connect with students and staff, supporting the creation of a positive and safe learning environment for all!  The time he takes with students to support in tough times or to teach social skills has a positive impact. His work in coaching teachers with classroom management and specific student concerns helps teachers to better their skills for the benefit of all students in their classrooms.  His work makes a positive difference every day!



    Gannan Mossor, 11th grade, JCAC 
    Submitted by: teachers Brittney Rose & Paula Hotz (Callaway Hills)

    Gannan Mossor, JCAC

    After Gannan visited our room a few times he noticed that the preschoolers  nap with some pretty sad, thin towels as blankets. He took it upon himself to get them some wonderful, warm blankets. Gannan went back to JCAC and with the help of a teacher (Debbie Cornell?), he sold ice cream to the other students to raise money to purchase enough blankets for all the students plus some extras.