• September 2020

    Stephanie Moats
    Stephanie Moats, Second Grade Teacher, North Elementary
    Submitted by Taryn Trippensee, North Parent

    I've only just met Mrs. Moats and I can't say enough great things about her! My son is in her 2nd grade class this year and unfortunately we are under Covid quarantine and he hasn't been able to attend the first week of school. He has been pretty sad about missing the first week and even feeling a little nervous about going to school a week after everyone else has already started and gotten to know each other. I had emailed Mrs. Moats to let her know of our situation and that my son wouldn't be able to attend the first week of school. She called me last week and we spoke about how we can make sure he doesn't get behind academically, but she was also quick to talk about how to make sure he doesn't feel scared or nervous about starting a week late. She offered to come to our house and stand outside in our yard, while keeping our 6 feet social distancing, and talk to my son so that he could see her and get to know her a little and also bring him some work to do from home. So, here it is the 2nd day of school and Mrs. Moats came to our house after school today and not only did she talk to my son and bring him work to keep caught up, but she had the WHOLE class write nice cards for him! How she found time in the crazy first 2 days of school for the students to do this is beyond me and just the fact that she thought of this is AMAZING!! Thank you so much Mrs. Moats for going above and beyond what you had to do and for making my son feel so much better!! We really appreciate you!! 

    Brianna and Emily

    Brianna Fankhauser and Emily Roberts accepting on behalf of all seven elementary teachers
    Submitted by Shelby Scarbrough, Central Office

    We would like to highlight the seven teachers who transitioned into Launch teaching positions four days before the start of school. They are doing an amazing job and we are so thankful for their commitment to our students. These teachers are Breanne Clawson, Amy Dutcher, Brianna Fankhauser, Heather Miller, Alora Moore, Emily Roberts, and Danielle Townsend. We would also like to highlight the four teachers who were moved to other buildings four days prior to the start of school. Late movement is not ideal but these four individuals have handled it.

    Carrie Muenks

    Carrie Muenks, Tech Support
    Submitted by: Ben Meldrum, CCHS Principal

    I would like to nominate Carrie Muenks for her rapid support, friendliness, and attention to detail in getting a new computer set-up for me. Her willingness to come over to set-up and answer are all my questions (even the crazy ones) was evident. She was very thorough in her work and made the transition from one work station to next very relaxed and easy to navigate. If this were a retail business Carrie's customer service would be second to none. I appreciate the work she did and her approach to doing so. THANK YOU CARRIE!!!