• Angel Yeager

    Angel Yeager, LCMS 8th Grade Student

    Nominated by: Jennifer Wilson, parent
    Nomination: The bus has been awful for my son ALL year.  Unfortunately, he has been bullied for his hearing disability.  Out of all the students on the packed bus Angel stood up for my son.  We want to thank her, and let others know that it just takes one person to start doing "the right" thing.  Angel thank you for making a difference!  


    Kelley Crouse

    Kelley Crouse, JCHS Cafeteria Manager

    Nominated by: Bob James, JCHS Principal

    Nomination: We have always appreciated our cafeteria staff, but Kelley has taken the partnership among the cafeteria, instructional staff, and students to a whole other level. She is extremely responsive to student needs; ensuring meals in/out of the cafeteria are friendly and efficient- she gets that our students count on the lunch break to unwind, eat, and enjoy a brief respite amidst the day. She wants that experience to be great every day and she and her staff go out of their way to ensure it happens. I cannot describe how welcoming, friendly, and responsive she and her kitchen staff have been with the rest of the staff this year. She goes out of her way to surprise us with treats, goodies, and positive service. She doesn't just do it when she gets a break either; she takes the time out of her, and her staff's schedule, to respond to our needs during stressful times even though they too are stressed, tired, and ready for a break. Sometimes we just need a smile and a treat to get us through the tough times- Kelley has an uncanny ability to sense  when  we could need her. I often say that if we want to work at a great school, we have to be great people to work with; Kelley is a great person to work with and she is making our school a better place to learn and work (and of course eat). She is making a difference and we have noticed! We are lucky to have her!!!


    Sarah Larenson

    Sarah Larenson, LCMS 7th Grade Sped Reading Teacher

    Nominated by: Delora Scaggs, LCMS Assistant Principal

    Nomination: Sarah is a true asset to our school.  She gets to know EVERY staff member in her grade level wing, she makes them feel welcome, and she supports them in any and every way that she can.  We had  a long term sub in one of her co-taught classes and she took the initiative to help ensure their success every step of the way.  She made lesson plans, helped with technology, and most of all she was available.  She has done the same to assist our new teacher, as she assumes the position during our closure.  She is an encourager and an absolute team player, and we appreciate her so much!!  She is TRULY a DIFFERENCE MAKER!!!


    Donna Robinson

    Donna Robinson, North Nurse

    Nominated by: Jennifer Wilson, parent

    Nomination: Nurse Donna is a difference maker!!  I have had the pleasure of working with Donna when I taught at North and now as parent.  My little guy has a rare genetic disorder and Nurse Donna has been right there alongside us during this journey.  KBG syndrome is a disorder that affects several body systems, which is often overwhelming.  Lots of trips to STL and Columbia for appointments.  However hard this road has been, Nurse Donna has been there.  She is the whole package, from changing hearing aid batteries, to explaining seizure action plans to teachers, to making sure meds are given.  All the while doing it with a smile and making sure my guy knows he is loved and he is safe.  He told me the other day just out of the blue, "You know Mom I love going to see Nurse Donna."  I said, "I know you do? How come?"  He replied, without skipping a beat, "She makes me feel... at home" and of course he added in "She has mints too!"  As a Mom that just made me melt!  I truly believe Nurse Donna has definitely got the Learning and Partnerships priorities covered.  Working with staff to teach them about the issues some kids might bring with them and then building those relationships with not only her kiddos, that she takes care of, but also with parents.  She is truly one of a kind and we appreciate all she does!!!