Please find enrollment information for the 2024-2025 school year. 

    1. Enrollment card 

    2. Enrollment Supplement sheet with course names and course numbers. Pay close attention to pre-req’s 

    3. Course Placement Sheet will allow students to choose classes more intentionally

    4. The Academic Planning Guide To view course descriptions and graduation requirements, please go to http://www.jcschools.us/domain/3321. Select enrollment folder.

    5. Transcript Please access through your student portal for reviewing for course selections

    6. Dual Enrollment/AP Course Sheet—located on the counseling webpage and your google classroom. 

    Please complete the following: 

    1. First, look over your transcript (this is available to you through your student portal account) and the credit summary. Please select courses totaling 7.0 credits/7.5 Marching Band/8.0 ZH Athletic Advanced Strength Training plus 2.0 credits alternates. Start with courses that you still need for your graduation requirements. Choose electives that will help you meet your college and career goals. Do not take repeat electives…such as Foods I. 

    2. Review College Prep Diploma and Departmental Seal of Excellence requirements. (Information located in 2024-2025 Academic Planning guide that is located in your graduation google classroom or on the JCHS counseling website. Please plan your courses to achieve any goals you have set for yourself. 

    3. Next, complete the Enrollment Card in PENCIL, following the directions on the enrollment card CAREFULLY. Be sure to write the COURSE NAME exactly as it is written on the supplement sheet where indicated on the enrollment cards. Remember to make sure the credits total 7.0/7.5 Marching Band/8.0 ZH Athletic Advanced Strength Training

    4. January 29-February 9 students should have their enrollment cards completed and will be visiting with their counselors to finalize course selections, please have your core teachers sign off on your selection. Enrollment cards should be with you at all times. If you lose your enrollment card, please see the counseling office for an additional card. 

    5. Share with your parents/guardians prior to bringing back completed to school on January 29, 2024. 

    FYI’s for the upcoming school year: 

    1. Graduation requirement of 25 credits to graduate 

    2. Geometry and Algebra II will be the only blocked class offered 

    3. Double check all graduation requirements and Pre Req’s to make sure you can take the classes you want your senior year 

    4. Summer school applications will be available in March. Do not sign up for courses you plan on taking in summer school.