• Melissa Zeiger

  • Melissa Zeiger                                  23/24 School year
    Spanish 1
    ESOL Jay Time
    Room 351

    573-321-5918 - This is a Google Voice number and I will receive your text or message on my computer.
    Plan Time: 5th period = 12:54 - 1:46
    The best way to reach me is by email or text to the number above.
  • My name is Señorita Zeiger. This is my twenty-first year of teaching, all of which have been here at JCHS. I currently teach Spanish I and enjoy it very much. I think learning Spanish is a very valuable and am glad to teach first year Spanish students. Beginning to learn a new skill for the first time is very exciting and fun. I was born and raised in Michigan, where I attended Hope College. During my time at Hope, I lived and studied in Salamanca, Spain for a semester. I now live in Jefferson City and enjoy seeing my students, both past and present, around town. One of my passions is traveling. Mrs. Lopez and I take students to Europe every other year. We finished our fourth student trip in 2018 visiting England, Ireland and Wales. Our next trip was supposed to be last summer, but was postponed until this summer, 2022, and we will be visiting Spain and Portugal. These trips are so much fun and so beneficial for the students. Please contact me if you would like more information about student travel. 
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