**We will use Google Classroom to manage assignments, notes, etc. for our classes. Further information can be found in the syllabus under Course Information (students are required to bring the syllabus home during the first week to obtain a parent/guardian's signature). 
    -This is a language learning website that will have notes, activities and some assessments. This site will be used for most of our listening and speaking activities and assessments as it provides tools to facilitate practicing and assessing these skills.
    -This website focuses on Spanish grammar. It includes explanations of most grammar topics for all levels of Spanish (basic to advanced placement) as well as practice quizzes. The resources at this site are useful to expand their understanding of the grammar learned during class as well as another source of practice and preparation for tests and quizzes.
    -This site has many options for students to review, including flashcards, games and practice tests. I recommend that students create an account and join my classroom so that they have access to all of the vocabulary and grammar notes used in my courses.
Last Modified on August 17, 2022