• The Building Champion Role is vital to the Wellness Program being successful!  For more information about the Building Champion Role please look here. 
    2019-2020 Building Champions are:


    Building   2019-2020
    Belair   Emily Roberts
    Callaway Hills   Erin Little
    Cedar Hill   Sarah Rosslan
    East   Erika Davis
    Gordon   Tara Barbour
    Lawson   Angela Schulte
    Moreau Heights   Emily Bateman
    North   Amy Backes
    Pioneer Trail   Jessica Bax
    South   Peggy Gretlien
    West   Melissa Korte
    SW Preschool   Valerie Weber
    SW ECSE   Valerie Weber
    Lewis and Clark   Brittany Smith
    Thomas Jefferson   Kara Coleman
    CCHS   Aubrey Moss
        Lance Johnston
    JCHS   Nathan Redcay
        Jeff Jacques
    NCC   Stacy Bushman
    JCAC   Brian Center
    Central Office   Letha Piper