• Kindergarten Registration

    Frequently Asked Questions


    My child won’t turn 5 until March (or April or May or June or July)?  Should I wait to begin the enrollment process until he/she turns 5?

    No, as long as his/her birthday is before August 1, 2019 you can enroll your student for kindergarten now.

    My child does not turn 5 until August 1, 2019 (or after)?  Can I make a special request for him/her to go ahead and start kindergarten this year?

    Missouri Revised Statute Section 160.053 states that “a child is eligible for admission to kindergarten if the child reaches the age of five (5) before the first day of August of the school year beginning in that calendar year”, therefore a child with a birthdate of August 1, 2014 or after would not be eligible for kindergarten in the 2019-2020 school year.

    For additional information, please visit the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

    Our appointment for immunizations isn’t scheduled until the summer.  Should I wait to begin the enrollment process until his/her immunizations are up to date?

    Immunization records DO NOT have to be complete or up to date to ENROLL your child for kindergarten. Your child just needs to have all required immunizations when they START kindergarten in August. Go ahead and enroll your kindergartner by bringing in the incomplete immunization record and then submit the updated immunization record once he/she gets his/her shots before the start of school.

    Where do I send updated immunization records?

    If you have previously been to the Welcome Center to submit all of the other required documents, you can fax the updated immunization record to the Welcome Center at 573-659-3028 or email them to welcomecenter@jcschools.us.

    If you have not yet sat down with one of our Welcome Center staff members, you can bring the updated immunization record with you and we will make a copy at that time.

    Where do I go to get my child immunized?

    If your child’s immunizations are not current, immunizations are available from your primary health care provider.  They are also available at your county health department.

    Cole County Health Department
    3400 W Truman Blvd
    Jefferson City, MO 65109

    Callaway County Health Department
    4950 County Road 304
    Fulton, MO

    What documents are required to enroll my child into kindergarten?

    • An original state issued birth certificate (no photocopies or hospital certificates)
    • Immunization Records
    • Any legal documents pertaining to the student (custody papers, guardianship documents, ex parte orders, etc.)
    • Parent/Guardian photo ID
    • Two proofs of residency dated within the last 45 days that include the parent/legal guardian’s name and address (please see next question for the list of acceptable proofs of residency)

    What is acceptable proof of residency?

    Please click here for a list of items that can/cannot be accepted.

    Do I have to be present to complete my child’s kindergarten enrollment or can I send his/her step-parent, grandparent, etc to your office to turn in the required documents?

    A parent/legal guardian must be the one to come into the Welcome Center.

    I have a child living with me for whom I am the caretaker, but not the legal guardian.  Can I enroll the student into kindergarten?

    Please call the Welcome Center at 573-659-3043, and we will walk you through this process.

    Does my child need to come with me to the Welcome Center?

    No. Kindergarten enrollment at the Welcome Center consists of paperwork submission and review only.

    How long will my appointment at the Welcome Center last?

    Appointments generally take 15-20 minutes if you have already submitted your online registration application and have received an email from the system notifying you that it has been processed by our staff.

    I cannot find my child’s birth certificate.  Where can I get one?

    If your child was born in the state of Missouri, you can get a birth certificate from:

    Cole County Health Department
    3400 W Truman Blvd
    Jefferson City, MO 65109

    MO Department of Health & Senior Services
    Bureau of Vital Records
    930 Wildwood Drive
    Jefferson City, MO

    Does Jefferson City Public Schools do kindergarten screening?

    Yes we do.  Our screenings will take place Thursday, May 2, during our Kindergarten Open House.  You must have begun the enrollment process to attend the open house, so please get your child’s enrollment done early!

    When is Kindergarten Open House?

    May 2, 2019

    Should my child attend Kindergarten Open House?

    Yes!  We will be screening for kindergarten readiness during open house.  This will also be his/her opportunity to see the school, meet the principal, meet all of the kindergarten teachers, and see the kindergarten classrooms.

    How do I know what school my child will attend?  How do I know which Kindergarten Open House to attend?

    Our Welcome Center staff will notify you which elementary school boundary you reside within when you come to the Welcome Center to complete your child’s enrollment.  You should attend Open House at that school.  

    If you have a question about the elementary boundary before you come into the Welcome Center, you can utilize the address look-up tool by clicking here. If this tool doesn't answer your question please call 573-659-3043 and we can assist you.

    Will I know who my child’s teacher is when we attend Kindergarten Open House?

    No, unfortunately we will not be able to have teacher assignments prepared for Kindergarten Open House.

    I am planning to move over the summer.  Should I wait to enroll my child in kindergarten until we move?

    No.  Go ahead and get the process started now.  We will enroll your child into the school in whose boundary you currently live.  Once you move, bring 2 new proofs of residency to the Welcome Center, and we will update your address and school enrollment.

    How do I enroll in summer school?

    When you meet with our Welcome Center staff to submit your required documents, they will have summer school enrollment forms available for you.

    What are the dates/times for summer school?

    Summer school will be held May 28, 2019- June 20, 2019. Students attend class 4 days a week on the following schedule:

    Week 1: May 28- May 31 (Tuesday through Friday)
    Week 2: June 3- June 6 ( Monday through Thursday)
    Week 3: June 10- June 13 (Monday through Thursday)
    Week 4: June 17- June 20 (Monday through Thursday)

    Summer School hours:
    7:30 a.m -3:30 p.m

    Students may NOT arrive before 7:15 a.m.


    What are the school start/end times during the regular school year?

    JCPS officials are exploring the idea of changing school start and end times for the 2019-2020 school year. Click here for more information.


    What is the phone number & address of my elementary school?

    • Belair Elementary 659-3155 701 Belair Dr., Jefferson City, MO 65109
    • Callaway Hills Elementary 896-5051 2715 State Road AA, Holts Summit, MO 65043
    • Cedar Hill Elementary 659-3160 1510 Vieth Dr., Jefferson City, MO 65109
    • East Elementary 659-3165 1229 E. McCarty St., Jefferson City, MO 65101
    • Lawson Elementary 659-3175 1105 Fairgrounds Rd., Jefferson City, MO 65109
    • Moreau Heights Elementary 659-3180 1410 Hough Park, Jefferson City, MO 65101
    • North Elementary 896-8304 285 S. Summit Dr., Holts Summit, MO 65043
    • Pioneer Trail Elementary 632-3400 301 Pioneer Trail, Jefferson City, MO 65109
    • South Elementary 659-3185 707 Linden Dr., Jefferson City, MO 65109
    • Thorpe Gordon Elementary 659-3170 1101 Jackson St., Jefferson City, MO 65101
    • West Elementary 659-3195 100 Dix Rd., Jefferson City, MO 65109


     When/Where can I apply for free/reduced lunch?

    Applications for free/reduced meals for the 2019-2020 school year will be available after July 1, 2019.  At that time, check the JCPS School Nutrition Services website for the online application.  Paper forms will also be available and can be picked up at the Welcome Center after July 1, 2019.

    Will my student be able to ride the school bus before/after school?

    As a general rule, students who live greater than 1 mile from school are eligible for bus transportation.  The Welcome Center staff will discuss this with you when you enroll your student.

    When will I find out my child’s bus information?

    Postcards are mailed out right before school starts, so be watching your mailbox for that information in the days right before school starts.