It is unlawful for any student to attend school unless the student has been immunized according to Missouri Immunization Law (MO State Law 19 CSR 20-28.010; sections 167.181 and 210.003) or unless a signed statement of medical or religious exemption is on file at the school.

    The parent or guardian of each student must furnish the school satisfactory evidence of immunization in the form of a statement, certificate, or record from a physician or his or her designee, other recognized health facility, immunization registry, school record or child care record stating that the required immunizations have been given to the person and verifying the type of vaccine. The month, day and year of vaccine administration must be included on the statement, certificate or record. A completed and signed medical or religious exemption card will also be accepted per state law. The nurse should be informed of immunizations a student receives after enrollment in order to maintain current and accurate information on the student's health record.

    Students who were enrolled during a previous school year shall be denied attendance for the upcoming school year if not in compliance with Missouri Immunization Law

    If parent objects to immunization requirements for religious reasons, a completed original signed Religious Exempt card must be provided to the school nurse and is kept in the cumulative record. Religious Exempt cards are available at the County Health Department. They are good for a lifetime.

    A Medical Exemption card must be signed by a physician. There must be a medical reason for not receiving immunizations. A completed original signed Medical Exempt card must be provided to the school nurse and is kept in the cumulative record.  They are good for a lifetime.

    All required immunizations should be obtained through your family physician, your local pharmacy, local health department, or Community Health Center. 

    JCPS Policy 
    JCSD Immunization Policy
    JCSD Immunization Procedure


    State of Missouri Immunization Requirement Information (PDFs to download)
    2020-21 K-12 Immunization Requirements


    Immunization Clinics
    All required immunizations are given for a fee at the Cole County Health Department in Jefferson City. Community Health Center of Missouri in Jefferson City and the Callaway County Health Department in Fulton. If the area you live in is not listed above please follow-up with the health department in your area. Immunizations will be given if the child is accompanied by their parent/guardian.  Relatives/Friends must have written consent from parents for Children/Adolescents 17 years or younger. You must call for an appointment. Arrange to have your child immunized before the start of the school year.  Please take current immunization records with you.

    Cole County Health Department
    1616 Industrial, Jefferson City
    Call (573) 636-2181 for an appointment

    Callaway County Health Department
    4950 County Rd. #304 in Fulton
    Call (573) 642-6881 for an appointment

    Community Health Center of Central Missouri
    1511 Christy Dr.
    Jefferson City, MO 65101
    Call (573) 632-2777 for an appointment