• Vision and Hearing

    During the fall school semester and throughout the year as needed, vision and hearing screening exams will be conducted on the following students:

    • New students, students referred by teachers, counselors, and psych examiners.
    • Kindergarten: vision and hearing
    • 1st grade: vision and hearing
    • 2nd grade: hearing
    • 3rd grade: vision and hearing
    • 5th grade: vision

    If a vision or hearing concern is detected, the student’s parent or guardian would be notified. The exams are screening exams and are not meant to be diagnostic. If a parent or guardian suspects the child has a vision or hearing problem, a specialist should be consulted. If a parent or guardian refuses to allow their child to receive scheduled screening services, it will be their responsibility to notify the school nurse in writing at the beginning of each school year during registration for school.