• child reading braille


  • 7:30-9:30            Jefferson City High School (M-F)
    9:45-10:00         Southwest Early Childhood (M,W)
    10:30-11:30      St. Peter's (M,T); St. Joseph (W); North (TH); Thorpe (F)
    10:00-10:30      St. Joseph (F)
    12:00-3:30         East (M-F)


  • Louise Whitworth, B.S. in Ed., MM, CTVI. Has over 20 years of teaching experience covering grades Pre-K through college. She is currently serving as a teacher of the visually impaired for Jefferson City Public Schools as well as serving as a Mo-Spin parent adviser and a member of the Mo. Blind Task Force. She is the proud parent of 5 beautiful children of which one is visually impaired, one is dyslexic, and one has sever speech apraxia. In her spare time she serves as a church choir director and soloist, performs in local theater and has been known to read all night with her cats.