Dental & Eye Program: Children who qualify for the free OR reduced lunch program and do not have Medicaid.
    Shoe Program: Children who qualify for the free lunch program
    The program will pay for yearly checkups and routine fillings. Toothaches and facial swelling are obviously problems, but we want to avoid these serious results of lack of care. Avoid serious problems with routine dental care.
    The program will pay for glasses, repairs and minor emergencies for any student who qualifies for the program. Problems may be detected in the classroom. Students with eye problems may appear to be slow learners or clumsy and awkward. The school nurse can easily use the eye chart or refer students to an eye doctor if they think there is more of a problem.
    The program will furnish two pairs of shoes a year for students who meet financial eligibility requirements. This is not only for the comfort of the student, but also eliminates embarrassment.
    Contact Information
    School Counselors can provide information about eligibility and procedures to follow to obtain assistance.  Please followup with the School Counselor assigned to your school
    Sources of Funding
    Most of the funding for the Dental, Eye and Shoe Program is provided through the United Way of Central Missouri or Community Health Center of Missouri. However, any PTA/PTO, organization or private individual may contribute.