• Teacher Salary Movement

    Any teacher who presents, prior to October 1 or February 1 within a contract year, an official transcript of hours completed that qualifies the teacher for adjustment in contract figure in keeping with schedule provision, is automatically entitled to such adjustment in contract terms. Hours completed prior to October 1 qualify the teacher for the full amount of the yearly adjustment. Hours completed prior to February 1 qualify the teacher for one-half of the schedule adjustment for the current contract year.

    The deadline to submit a notice to HR for advancement on the salary schedule is September 30 (full year adjustment) and February 1 (one-half adjustment). The salary increase for the full adjustment is reflected in the October paycheck and the salary increase for the one-half adjustment is reflected in the February paycheck.

    Complete an application form to verify your placement on the Teachers Salary Schedule for consideration of any college credit that you may have recently completed.

    Teacher Salary Movement Application Form - located in TalentEd Records

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